O'Hara Crescent in Nepean
O'Hara Crescent, now in Nepean, consists of up-scale homes in an attractive wooded area.
This is the property deeded to Joseph O'Hara - Frank O'Hara's grandfather.
If you are in the area, go North from March Rd. on Torbolton Rd. to Kirwan Ave. Turn right and look for the entrance to O'Hara Crescent on the right.)

Last Will & Testament of Thomas O'Hara
(1818 - 1892)

I, Thomas O'Hara of the Township of March in the County of Carleton in the Province of Ontario, Yeoman, do hereby revoke and annul all former wills, codicils, and other testamentary dispositions by me at any time heretofore made and do hereby declare this to be my last will and testament which I wish to be faithfully executed after my death.

I will, devise and bequeath my real and personal estate as follows:-

  1. I give to my son James my farm which is the South East Quarter of lot 17 in the Third Concession of the Township of March in the County of Carleton Ontario, containing 50 acres of land more or less. I also give to my said son, James, the North West quarter of the West half of lot 19 in the 5th Concession of the Township of March in the County of Carleton, Ontario containing 50 acres of land more or less. I also give to my said son James one mare, and colt, all my farming machinery and implements except my stumping machine which I give to my sons James and Thomas - share and share alike.
  2. All my household furniture including amongst other things four bed steads and bedding for same, my parlor set, my ......, my stoves and every other article of furniture I own or still shall die possessed of, I give without reserve to my beloved wife Mary Edge.
  3. I will and devise that whichever of us, that is of my wife or me, shall survive the other shall have the use and control of that part of my residence which we now occupy, to wit, the parlor and bedroom downstairs and the use of the kitchen and the use of two bedrooms upstairs and that these different apartments to be kept comfortably warm by my son, James, for said surviving party whether it be his father or mother during the survivor's lifetime. I also will and devise that my son James keep and feed a cow and a horse for the use and benefit of that one of his parents that shall survive the other, to be owned by him or her that is by my wife or me forever. I also will my son, James, give the half of each year's crop and stock to that one of his parents (whether it be his mother or father) who shall survive the other and in case that one of us (that is of my wife and me) who may survive the other may not at any time wish to live with my son James and wife, then in such case I will that my son James shall pay said surviving parent the sum of 75 dollars (seventy-five dollars) in two equal instalments each instalment to be paid half yearly in advance.
  4. I give to my son John an acre of land which he now occupies on lot 17 in 4th Concession of the Township of March in The County of Carleton Ontario, said acre fronting on 4th Concession and measuring at a distance of 30 feet from the post at the West corner of said lot 17.
  5. All the residue of said Lot 17 in the 4th Concession of Township of March in the Count of Carleton, Ontario containing 49 acres more or less I will and bequeath to my son Joseph and heirs and assigns forever.
  6. I will that my son James pay to my son, Philip, the sum of fifty dollars, within the period of two years after my death.
  7. I also will and devise that my said son, James, shall pay my son John the sum of two hundred dollars provided my son, John, pay $200.00 (two hundred dollars) within six months from this date to Charles (Piphie?) Lawyer of Ontario to redeem a mortgage on the South East quarter of lot 17 in the 3rd Concession of March in the County of Carleton, Ontario and if my son John do not pay $200 to redeem aforesaid mortgage within the aforesaid specific time, to wit, six months from this date (September 23, 1892) then in such case my son James shall not be bound by me to pay any bequest or sum of money to my son John but shall be obliged and hereby bound to pay the above-mentioned mortgage himself.

To my daughters, Ellen, Margaret and Bridget and to my sons Thomas and George I give one dollar each.

I appoint Patrick Gorman and Edward Kirwan the one of Torbolton and the other of March to be my executors.

Signed, sealed and deliver at Harwood Plains, Ontario, this 26th day of September, 1892


William Hopewell

Richard Hicks

J.A. Sloan, Priest

(Retyped exactly as it appeared in the signed, typed will.)


I, James O'Hara of the Township of March, County of Carleton, farmer, make oath and say:

  1. That I am the son of Thomas O'Hara, late of the Township of March in the County of Carelton, Yeoman, deceased and I have personal knowledge of the matters hereinafter deposed to.
  2. That I have carefully compared the within paper-writing marked A with the original last will and testament of said Thomas O'Hara deceased, and that the said paper-writing is a true and perfect copy of the said original last will and testament.
  3. That the said Thomas O'Hara died at the Township of March aforesaid on or about the 10th day of October 1892 without having revoked or altered his said last will and testament.

Sworn before me in the city of Ottawa, in the County of Carleton, this 21st day of December A.D. 1896.

(Signed by James O'Hara and F.R. Waterford?)