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Joseph O'Hara + Lee & Mary Jane Hicks (2nd wife)

Elizabeth Nash
(1st wife of Joseph O'Hara & mother of Lee)

Lee O'Hara
(Son of Joe O'Hara & Elizabeth Nash)

Joe O'Hara (son of John Jack)

Joseph (Joe) O'HARA & Elizabeth (Betty) nee Hareckin
Eva O'Hara
Eva O'Hara (daughter of John Jack)

John Jack O'Hara (standing) + possibly a brother
John & Liz O'Hara
John Jack & Liz (Nash) O'Hara
4 daughters of Thomas O'Hara
Ethyl, Lillian, Ann, Ellen in USA,
daughters of James Patrick O'Hara

Jane Casey
(Mother of Alma Brennan & grandmother of Frank O'Hara)
Hubert Brennan & Jane Casey
1st row: Roderick Casey, Vincent, Florence (baby), Mary Theresa, Elizabeth (Armstrong)
2nd row: Lucy, Simon, Jane,
Catherine Elizabeth (Mayme)
Alma Brennan
Alma Brennan, age 16
Wife of Lee O'Hara

Hubert, Jane Casey (mother) Erma Brennan

Casey family home in Aitkin, MN
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James Patrick O'Hara & Elizabeth (Sainsbury)

Marie-Laure Provencher
(Wife of Hubert Brennan)
The O'Hara "Boys"
(L to R) Gerry, Brian, Jack, Frank

Hubert Brennan

Gerry O'Hara

Gerry O'Hara & Margaret Lacey's wedding
Brian & Delores O'Hara
Brian & Delores O'Hara

Jack O'Hara

Jack O'Hara's & Frances Maller's wedding

Shanna O'Hara (Chang) & next generations
(Nathan and Charlene)

Frank O'Hara's family @ 1966

Frank O'Hara, age 18

Theresa & Zachary Howcroft

Hotel on the way to Ottawa
John Jack O'Hara sold this hotel before going West in 1906

Frank's daughter, Lyn O'Hara

Frank's son, Kim O'Hara

Tom O'Hara & Sandra McNaughton
+ Bianna & Brandon
Dawson ladies from USA visit Ottawa Front row - Dawsons (L to R)
Theresa Lillian Doreen, Phillip Marie Deanna,
Shirley Julia Elizabeth (Betty)
Back row (L to R)
Tom Moen, Jan Davis, Rene Mantha (Deanna's husband)
Joanne Renee Mantha Lichty, Douglas Lichty, Tom Moen's father

Frank's daughter, Kathryn O'Hara
Honouring Delores, Brian O'Hara's wife, on the occasion of her 80 birthday

Top row
Cheryl and Tom O'Hara (Married), Brian & Lesie O'Hara (Married), Jared O'Hara (Tim's son), Andrea Lane, John Gall (Christine's son) Cara Huggett (John's ex-girlfriend), Sam O'Hara (married to Jim) Melissa Bayer (Tim's daughter) Christine Gall (Delores eldest Daughter)
Middle row -
Peter Gall (Christine's Husband), Tim O'Hara (missing his wife, Cheryl, along with a few others), Delores, Steven Lane holding Adam Lane, Jim O'Hara
Front row
Brandon O'Hara (Tom's son) Allie O'Hara - (Brian's daughter), Brianna O'Hara (Tom's daughter), Katie O'Hara (Jim's daughter) and Rachelle O'Hara (Brian's youngest daughter).